Bristol Community Project

Community Garden


Community Garden

The establishment of an educational horticultural sensory therapy garden to augment the new multi-use senior-community center provides an environment conducive to support activities that focus around family and community development.

The project incorporates a newly developed garden as a part of the community improvements/enhancements and educational efforts surrounding the garden/park/plaza area of the new center, employing a multitude of green build materials and designs to improve water conservation and energy efficiency.

Installment of our raised community garden beds support inclusive opportunities for individuals with mobility limitations.

The New Garden

Serves As An Outreach

For the benefit of the growing aging adult population in Bristol. The priority of the new center and garden include introduction of activities and events that promote older adult wellness, provide important community information and assistance services together with public benefits information. The center and new garden serve as the catalyst promoting healthy lifestyles, support fitness and wellness programs in addition to social and recreational activities. Construction of this new garden allows local aging adult members to remain mobile, and independent, actively engaged members of our own community.

This project seeks to improve the lives of all members of the Bristol community through activities of daily living which include the installation of an educational horticultural sensory therapy garden for aging citizens, community members, and visitors to experience and enjoy. The proposed interactive programming provides engagement opportunities for community members to be involved in the overall maintenance of the garden, which will provide important social interaction opportunities with others for social connectiveness, as well as reinforcement of belonging within the social fabric of the community. Raised community garden beds will support opportunities for individuals with mobility limitations.

The garden installation plans call for the inclusion of historical murals with QR Codes within the garden/park/plaza design itself. Installation of a digital historical repository within the new center will link the historical mural imagery QR Codes and plant ID QR Codes information to the digital repository via a digital format. Both garden and center visitors will be able to digitally access historical and educational information via one scan of the QR Code with their mobile or portable devices.