Bristol Community Project

Digital Historical Repository


Digital Historical Repository

Town of Bristol Improvements Board has commissioned and released a digital historical repository within the new center. The digital repository links the Historical Murals Imagery QR Codes to the digital repository and the historical information via digital format. Both garden and center visitors are able to digitally access historical and educational information via one scan of the QR Code with their mobile or portable devices. These innovative installations will foster advancement of intergenerational collaboration of Older Adults and youth to help oversee and maintain future maintenance of both the garden and digital historical repository.

Together with the Big Timbers Museum we will highlight archived items, each telling a story about Bristol and the surrounding communities. Our hope is that by digitizing these items and making them available here it will allow more people in the community to have access to these cherished memories.  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have historical documentation and photos relevant to Bristol’s rich history, please email this information to, so we can review before adding to our Digital Historical Repository.  These important actions will allow us to expand our digital historical archives and share Bristol’s vibrant history with everyone who visits our website.